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Where to Give

Each year, more than 70 percent of our budget must be raised from private sources, including contributions from big thinkers like you.

Your contribution to SFI helps to create an environment where big questions lead to meaningful insights. And by supporting one or more of SFI’s major funding initiatives, you can help ensure that this critical work continues. 

The Mission and Vision Fund

The Mission and Vision Fund supports SFI’s greatest needs and allows President David Krakauer to devote funding to science that’s happening now. By supporting the Mission and Vision Fund, you are helping to ensure that SFI can continue to seek answers to mankind’s biggest questions.

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The Omidyar Challenge

The unique, transdisciplinary SFI Omidyar Fellowship program lets early-career scientists pursue big questions and bigger ideas on their way to becoming next-generation scientific leaders. The Omidyar Challenge supports the Fellows through dollar-for-dollar matching on every gift, thanks to the generosity of Pierre and Pam Omidyar. SFI Omidyar Fellows have gone on to develop game-changing innovations in the scientific and business communities, spreading the discipline of complexity science around the globe.

Double your impact by giving to the Omidyar Challenge.  Gifts are matched dollar for dollar by Pierre and Pam Omidyar. 

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Meet the SFI Omidyar Fellows

The Education Fund

SFI’s education programs prepare students of all ages and backgrounds to become tomorrow's big thinkers. Our award-winning programs inspire new communities, support science teachers, and build a foundation for systemic, long-term change in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education.

Your contribution to the SFI Education Fund helps support a broad range of initiatives, including:

Your contribution supports educational initiatives such as:
Complex Systems Summer Schools, an intensive introduction to complexity for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.
Complexity and Modeling Program (CAMP), a summer camp for high school students.
Community Lectures, bringing big ideas to the Santa Fe community and beyond.

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