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If you ask big questions, you're thinking like us. 

We don’t have all the answers, but we do know that our unique brand of high-risk, high-reward science makes it possible to discover critical connections. And those connections put real solutions within reach. 

The Santa Fe Institute provides a creative, collaborative center where Nobel laureates, promising young scientists and accomplished scholars alike can reach their full potential. Here, researchers spanning all disciplines work together to explore the underlying patterns of complex systems, from economies and climate to human development and social networks. 

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People who ask big questions make radical new science possible. 

Each year, more than 70 percent of our budget must be raised through individual contributions from thinkers like you. 

Your contribution to SFI helps to create an environment where big questions lead to meaningful insights, and ensures that SFI’s world-class schools, mentorships, workshops and online courses can continue to provide today’s students with the tools to become tomorrow’s change-makers. 

Complex world, simple choice. 

Our world may be infinitely complex, but making it better – one big question at a time – is as simple as committing to the Santa Fe Institute. 

Leave your own legacy of big ideas by making a one-time, annual, or planned gift to any of SFI’s major funding initiatives: our Mission and Vision Fund, our Omidyar Challenge, or our Education programs. Make a gift that shapes a better future. Give today.

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