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Traditional science isolates: SFI brings fields together

July 12, 2016 8:59 a.m.

New Mexico Homes features the Santa Fe Institute, where "some of the greatest minds in science" are searching for patterns in complex physical, biological, and social systems.

The article describes SFI’s uniquely interdisciplinary approach to research, and includes several insights from President David Krakauer.

“The traditional approach to science is to isolate… In complexity science, we bring all to tools of many disciplines (physics, biology, economics, sociology, even the arts) to bear on understanding complex systems so we might unlock the secrets to slow the climate-induced collapse of earth’s biodiversity or build more sustainable cities in our rapidly urbanizing world,” Krakauer says.

Read the article in New Mexico Homes (Summer 2016)

New Mexico Homes is a resource for Santa Fe, NM Real Estate

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