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Membership Benefits

The Applied Complexity Network provides numerous opportunities for companies and organizations to engage in cross-industry collaborative discussions, stay abreast of research activities, and initiate and participate in SFI's Topical Meetings and workshops.

  • Standard Member Benefits

  • ACtioN Topical Meetings: Jointly organized by SFI and member organizations, these meetings take advantage of SFI’s unique convening power to bring complexity thinking to real-world business challenges. 

  • The Vitamin Events: Vitamin A, B, and C events, named for the intellectual “nutrition” they provide, give ACtioN members access to discussions on compelling, timely topics. 

  • Vitamin A (Advanced) events, occasionally open to ACtioN members where expertise permits, provide members with access to technical workshops and working groups on specific questions in complexity science designed for the SFI research community.  

  • Vitamin B (Business) events are insight-rich discussions that immediately follow, and extend, Vitamin A scientific meetings, designed to expose ACtioN members to the latest complexity insights.  

  • Vitamin C (Complexity) events, hosted annually in Santa Fe, are our flagship ACtioN meetings exclusively for ACtioN members, SFI trustees, and SFI researchers, each centered on a compelling topic at the intersection of business and science. 

  • Recruiting Events: The SFI community gives ACtioN members a unique opportunity to connect with in-demand complexity thinkers in the early stages of their careers.

  • ACtioN Complexity Explorer: Curated versions of SFI’s popular massive open online course (MOOC), featuring timely content from topical meetings, conferences, and interviews on a variety of topics – all exploring how complexity applies to real-world challenges. ACtioN Complexity Explorer will soon be hosted on a new exclusive ACtioN member website. 

  • Vertex Newsletter: Vertex keeps members up to date on the latest ideas and research from SFI, with a view to how those concepts apply to ACtioN organization and how ACtioN members are tackling business challenges. 

  • Complexity Intelligence Reports: Brief summaries of fresh new insights from SFI workshops and working groups throughout the year. The annual Complexity Catalogue aggregates these insights. 

  • Complex Systems Summer School: Held in Santa Fe, the Complex Systems Summer School provides students and professionals with a rigorous monthlong multidisciplinary program of lectures, laboratories, discussion sessions, and team projects designed as an introduction to complex behavior in mathematical, physical, living, and social systems. Five tuition-free spots are reserved for ACtioN members on a first-come, first-served basis (with additional spots available at the regular corporate rate). 

  • ACtioN Exclusive Member Opportunities 

  • ACtioN members can create bespoke programs, at an additional cost, allowing them to engage more deeply with the SFI community. 

  • Customized ACtioN Topical Meetings: The same convening power and expertise as the ACtioN topical meetings, but fully customized to an ACtioN organization’s challenges. Member companies select topic, location, and invite list. 

  • The SFI Studio Retreat: Part corporate retreat and part full-time immersion, the SFI Studio Retreat gives small groups a one- to two-week SFI experience at the Cowan Campus. Ideal for leadership teams and strategic planning exercises. 

  • ACtioN Residential Fellowships: Individual ACtioN members can spend quality time at the SFI campus participating as part of the research community. 

  • Corporate Short Courses: Design a complexity curriculum that responds to your organization’s interests and challenges, with a view to real-world applications. 

Membership Fee

The annual fee for membership in the SFI Applied Complexity Network is $40,000. Some companies give additional support for specific research themes, researchers, and equipment. In addition, there are recruitment and collaborative research opportunities via the Santa Fe Institute extended research network which includes hundreds of top scientists from around the world.


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