Santa Fe Institute


Since its inception, the Santa Fe Institute has devoted itself to the creation of a new kind of scientific research community pursuing emerging syntheses in science. Three advisory bodies - the Board of Trustees, the Science Board and the Science Steering Committee (SSC) - provide advice, oversight, and support. All three of the oversight groups have automatic rotation policies.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, which has the fiduciary responsibility for the Institute, oversees the operation of SFI through its biannual meetings held at SFI, and its active committees.  The advice and support of the Board are essential to the success of the Institute.
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The Science Steering Committee

(SSC) reviews and makes recommendations to the President on all faculty appointments, workshops, ongoing research activities, and policy issues which affect how science is conducted at SFI. The SSC consists of a subset of the Resident Faculty, External Faculty and Science Board members.
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The Science Board

is responsible for advising on, and evaluating, SFI's general scientific agenda. The Board is composed of distinguished scientists who have demonstrated an interest in, and understanding of, SFI programs. Board composition reflects the diverse research programs of the Institute, including researchers from those disciplines represented by SFI's research themes and potential future areas of interest. Members are appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Science Board and normally serve for renewable three-year terms.
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